Tap Spares, Replacement Tap Valves and Cartridges, Spare Parts & Fittings



A range of wastes for bath and basin together with spare tap valves, cartridges and replacement aerators that are suitable for most kitchen and bathroom taps.

Additional tap spares include flexible tap connectors, fixing packs and replacement handles.


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** NEW** WRAS Approved Speciality Commercial Aerators




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Replacement Tap Handles & Indices

About: The Churchill Classic Tap Levers (Pair) 

A pair of ceramic tap levers & shroud covers to fit taps with quarter turn valves. £22.50

porcelain tap handle sleeve

About: The Replacement Porcelain Tap Sleeve

A white replacement porcelain sleeve to replace broken tap ceramic levers/sleeves. £6.25

profile modern tap levers

About: The Profile Modern Tap Levers

A pair of minimalist modern tap levers to suit bathroom or kitchen taps. £16.50 

About: The Stilo 3" Wrist Levers

A pair of 3" levers to provide any tap with easy quarter turn operation. £10.25


About: The Premier Tap Levers - 24 Teeth Valves

A pair tap levers to suit valves with  24 teeth on the stems. £22.50

Universal fitting replacement classic tap handles

About: Repacement Classic Tap Handles

A Pair of replacement handles complete with valve shroud covers. £15.50

24 spline tap handles

About: Classic Tap Handles - 24 Splines

A pair of replacement tap handles for valves with 24 teeth on the splines. £15.50

Profile tap cross handles

About: The Profile Modern Tap Handles

A pair of contemporary chrome tap handles for 20 teeth valves. £15.50

About: Repacement Modern Tap Handles

A pair of chrome plated replacement handles. £8.50

About: Compact Replacement Tap Handles

A pair of compact sized handles suitable for smaller sized taps. £8.50


About: The DLG Universal Tap handles

A pair of heavy duty replacement modern tap handles. £11.00

24 teeth tap handles

About: The Stilo Tap Handles - 24 Teeth

A pair of modern chrome handles for valves with 2 teeth on the spline. £11.75

About: Sedal Contemporary Tap Handles

A pair of heavy duty contemporary taps handles. £11.00

acrylic tap top handles

About: The Replacement Acrylic Tap Tops

A pair of universal fitting clear acrylic tap top handles to suit all makes of tap. £9.25

Easy replace tap handles - universal fit

About: The Easy Replace Tap Handles

A pair of chrome plated plastic handles with adaptors to fit any valve with 18, 20 or 24 teeth. £14.75

About: The Replacement Lever Handle For Monobloc Taps

A chrome plated lever handle that will fit most monobloc taps. £8

Modern tap lever for 35mm cartridges

About: The Stilo '35' Tap Lever

A minimal tap lever for small taps with 35mm cartridges. £9.75

tap lever for 40mm cartridges

About: The Stilo '40' Tap Lever

A minimal tap lever for modern taps with  40mm cartridges. £9.75

Replacement screw in tap indices (indicators)

About: The Liberty Period Indices

Screw In Indices (Indicators) and metal holders. Chrome £4.85/Gold £9.85

Large 27mm screw in tap indices

About: The Large (27mm) Screw In tap Indices

A pair of large (27mm diameter) screw in tap indices. £5.95

About: The Push In Tap Insert Indicators

A pair of indices (indicators) that push into the top of tap handles. £3.95 (per pair) 

19mm tap indicators 

About: The Large Plastic Tap Indicators

A pair of 19mm diameter replacement indicators. £2.95

25mm Push in tap indices

About: The 25mm Push Fit Tap Indices

A pair of large (25mm diameter) push fit tap indices. £5.95

Universal indie for tap levers

About: The Universal Tap lever Indice

A push in metallic indice for tap levers- this is for single lever taps. £1.80

Tap handle grub screw

About: The Lever Handle Grub Screw

An M5 threaded grub screw for securing lever handles onto tap cartridges. £1.10

shroud for tap handles

About: The Replacement Tap Handle Shrouds

A pair of chrome plated shrouds with M24 thread that will screw on all standard tap valves. £6

Gold Tap Handles

Gold tap handles

About: The Classic Gold Tap Handles

A pair of replacement gold tap handles complete with valve shrouds. £32.75

Disabled/ Extended Levers

Disabled tap lever for single lever taps

About: The Disabled Tap Lever

An extended length lever for monobasin taps - can be fitted to any single lever tap. £19.25

Tap converter levers

About: The Extended Tap Conversion Levers

A pair of extended levers to convert taps to medical, hygiene, disabled elbow use. £32.00

Monolith Commercial Hygiene tap lever

About: The Commercial Hygiene Tap Lever

A 30cm long hygienic lever made from black plastic ideal for food/catering taps. £12.25


Tap Revivers

lever tap reviver kit

About: The Universal lever Tap Reviver Kit

A universal fitting set of lever heads and inserts. £13.25

Bath Tap Lever Restorers

About: The Universal Lever Tap Reviver Kit - Bath Taps

A pair of universal lever revivers with 3/4" size valves for bath taps. £15.95

Adapta-tap tap revivers

About: The 'Adapt-A-Tap' Tap Reviver Kit

A set of tap revivers for sink, basin or bath taps by Oracstar. £20.50

Classic Tap Revivers

About: The Classic Tap Reviver Handles

A pair of matching Edwardian design handles on 1/2" Long Stem Valves. £38.15


Spout Aerators & Nozzles

16mm female aerator nozzle

About: The 16mm Tap Spout 'Female' Aerator

A 16mm diameter tap spout aerator with M16 female (inner) thread. £5

18mm tap aerator

About: The 18mm Tap Spout Aerator

An 18mm diameter thread tap spout aerator. £5

About: The Mini (M20) Replacement Tap Aerator

A 20mm mini spout aerator (M20 thread) to fit small, minimalist bodied taps. £5

About: Replacement Tap Spout Aerator

Replacement nozzle with aerator for high pressure taps, available in 3 sizes (22mm,24mm & 28mm). £5

About: Replacement Tap Spout Flow Straightener (flow breaker)

Replacement nozzle with flow straightener for low pressure taps, available in 3 sizes (22mm,24mm & 28mm). £5

neoperl plastic aerator

About: The Neoperl Plastic Aerator

An all plastic screw in tap aerator. £4.25

Neoperl rectangular aerator

About: The Neoperl Rectangular Aerator

a speciality 'push in' rectangular aerator available in 3 sizes. £22.50

About: The Aerator Swivel Adaptor for Bidet/Kitchen Taps 

A swivel adaptor that fits in the spout of bidet or kitchen taps. £6.25

tap spout filters

About: Tap Spout Filter Spares

Spare filters and breaker inserts for tap spout nozzles. £1.50/£2.50

tap spout connector

About: The Tap Spout Connector - 24mm

An adaptor that fits in any basin/sink tap and connects to any 1/2" BSP fitting. £3.70

tap aerator installation key

About: The Universal Tap Aerator Installation Key

A multi purpose tool to easily fit or undo any 22 or 24mm aerator. £2.55

Gold Aerators

gold tap aerator 

About: The Gold Plated Tap Aerators

Tap aerators in gold plated finishes. £12.45


Water Saving Aerators

About: LIMI Water Saving Tap Restrictor Nozzle

Special flow control nozzles to reduce a taps water consumption.These tap restrictor nozzles can achieve water savings of over 50%. Available in 2 sizes. £6

Eco water saving devices

About: Eco Water Saving Aerators & Devices

Water saving aerators & water saving devices for fitting to any tap or showers

About: Adapta-Spray Aerator

A double spray swivel aerator for screwing into kitchen tap spouts. £7.25

Speciality Commercial Aerators  - WRAS approved aerator sprays

Neoperl Clinic Line Aerators

About: The Clinic Line Tap Aerators

Speciality tap spout flow aerators for infection control applications. £11.85

Neoperl Mikado

About: The Neoperl Mikado Low Pressure Aerator Spray

A special outlet that creates a stunning visual effect even at very low pressures. £7.75

About: The PCA Low Pessure Flow Outlet

A flow aerator outlet that creates a decent strength stream even at ultra low pressures. £6.50

perlator 24mm aerator

About: The Perlator 24 Tap Spout Aerator

A WRAS approved 24mm male threaded aerator/flow controller. £6.00

perlator 22mm aerator

About: The Perlator 22 Tap Spout Aerator

A WRAS approved 22mm female threaded aerator/flow controller. £6.00

REPLACEMENT TAP SPOUTS - Easy to fit screw on tap spouts

About: The Universal 'J' Spout

A replacement tap spout with standard size screw connector. £14.25

C type tap spout

About: The Universal 'C' Tap Spout

A cast tap spout with 3/4" BSP connection. £24.85

Short reach tap spout

About: The Short Reach Tap Spout

A compact sized, short reach universal tap spout with 3/4" BSP connection. £19.75

About: The Standard Straight Spout

A 20cm long screw on straight spout. £18.50

About: The Short Reach Straight Spout

A 16cm reach replacement screw on spout. £18.50


FLEXIBLE TAP CONNECTORS - Connectors with option of ½" female or 15mm compression end fittings

About: 10 mm Tap Flexi Tails - ½" Female Fitting

A pair of flexible tap connectors with 10mm into body thread. £7

About: 12mm Tap Flexi Tails - ½" Female Fitting

A pair of flexible tap connectors with 12mm into body thread. £7

About: 3/8" European Flexible Tap Connectors (10mm thread)

A pair of flexible connectors with 3/8" female connection. £7

About: The Extra Long Flexible Tap Connectors (10mm thread)

Extra long flexitail tap connectors (450mm long x ½"F), sold in pairs. £10.50

About: The Ultra Long Flexible Tap Connectors (10mm thread)

Ultra long flexible tap connectors (600mm x 1/2"F), sold in pairs. £12.00

900mm long flexible hose pipe tap tails

About: The 900mm Long Flexible Hose Pipe Tap Tail Connectors

A pair of 900mm long hose tap tails (900mm x 1/2"F). £14.75

About: The 10mm Tap Connector - 15mm Compression End Fitting

A pair of 10mm flexible tap connectors with 15mm end compression fittings. £7

About: The 12mm Tap Connector - 15mm Compression End Fitting

A pair of 12mm flexible tap connectors with 15mm end compression fittings. £7


Speciality Plumbing Hoses

About: The Replacement Hose For Pull Out Taps - Braided Steel

A special replacement hose suitable for taps with pull out spray heads. £16

About: The Replacement Hose For Pull Out Taps - Nylon

A special replacement hose suitable for taps with pull out spray heads. £16

About: The Replacement Hose For Pull Out Taps - 12mm Female Connection

A replacement hose for pull out taps with a 12mm female thread that connects to the tap. £16

About: The Replacement Nylon Hose - 2 x ½"F End Connections

A replacement nylon pull out hose with ½"F connections at each end. £14.50

Hairdresser salon flexible shower hose

About: The Hairdresser Line Pull Out Hose - 3/8" BSP x 15mm Connections

A black nylon hose for hairdresser/barber taps with 3/8" F connection x 15mm M connection. £16 

Short length tap hose

About: The Short Connection Tap Hose - 1/2" F Connections

A short tap hose for pull out kitchen taps - available in  35 or 60cm lengths. £7.25/£7.75

About: The Rigid Copper Tap Tail - Chrome Finish

A 10mm diameter rigid tap tail with 10mm thread to screw into monbloc taps. £7.25


About: The Copper Tap Tails (Pairs)

Pairs of copper tap tails with choice of 10mm or 12mm threads x 15mm diameter. £12.50 per pair 


Tap Fixing Packs, Fixing Backnuts & Tap Nut Spanners

Tap fixing pack

About: Tap Fixing Pack - #1

A single bolt fitting fixing pack. £7

About: Tap Fixing Pack - #2

A two bolt fitting fixing pack. £7

brass backnut

About: The Brass Backnut

A threaded brass backnut in 1/2" and 3/4" BSP thread sizes. £0.95 each

large brass backnuts 

About: The Large Brass Backnuts

Solid brass threaded metal backnuts in 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" BSP sizes. £1.95/£3.95

15mm copper olive

About: Copper Olives - 15mm and 22mm Sizes

Handy packs of high quality 15mm copper olives (10 per pack) and 22mm copper olives  (6 per pack). £1.90

assorted size tap washers

About: Rubber Tap Washer Handy-Packs

Handy packs of 5 rubber washers in 5 standard plumbing sizes. £0.95

Tap backnut spanner

About: The Tap Backnut Spanner

A multi purpose spanner for fitting or undoing basin and bath tap nuts. £5.95

monobloc tap tail fixing set

About: The Monobloc Tap Tail Fixing Set

A flexible spanner set for screwing/unscrewing monobloc flexible tails. £5.25

Bath Mixer Diverters - Replacement mechanisms that divert water from bath to shower

Sedal Normal Diverter

About: The Sedal Eco Shower Diverter

A pull up shower diverter complete with pull up knob. £11.95


About: The DV50 'Compact' Bath Shower Diverter 

A pull operated replacement diverter mechanism for bath mixer taps. £13.95

About: The 'Pull Up' Diverter Knob

A replacement diverter knob with M4 thread inside to fit most pull up type bath mixer diverters. £4.15

cam and shuttle bath mixer diverter

About: The Cam & Shuttle Diverter Set

A cam and shuttle diverter for traditional lever operated tap diverters. £18.45

Diverter sleeve for bath mixers

About: The Replacement Bath Diverter Sleeve

A white resin  bath mixer diverter with hole in the centre -78mm long. £11.65

bath mixer diverter handle

About: The Bath Mixer Diverter Handle

A metal diverter switch handle for bath mixer taps. £8.15

Minimalsit tap diverter

About: The Minimalist Tap Diverter - 8mm Spline

A diverter handle for bath mixers that fits on standard 8mm valve splines. £13.85



Tap Mountings 

Tap mounting legs

About: The Tap Mounting Legs

A pair of legs for deck mounting taps or exposed showers. £27.75

About: The Shavrin Bib Tap Stands

A pair of stands to allow bib/wall taps to be deck mounted. £59.95

About: The Inta-Tech Tap Extensions For Bib Taps

A pair of wall extensions to extend the reach of bib or wall taps up to 100mm. £18.80


Useful Finishing Touches & Fittings

About: Bathroom Tap Hole Cover

Premium quality brass tap hole cover and fixing. £4.85

Budget tap hole stopper

About: The Budget Tap Hole Stopper

A simple, chrome on plastic value tap hole cover in chrome or gold effect. Chrome £1.10/Gold £6.15

Basin hole stopper

About: The Basin Hole Stopper

A chrome plated metal stopper to cover the 'stay' hole in basins. £2.25

Minimalist wall plate cover flange

About: The Wall Plate Cover Flange

A minimalist wall plate flange to cover wall mounted tap legs, shower arms etc

About: Wall Fixing Brackets

A pair of brackets and cover plates for wall fitting shower valves or taps. £11

About: The Monobloc Tap Base Ring

A chrome replacement base ring that fits under monobloc taps. £10.60

 tap thread reducer 1/2 to 3/8

About: The Tap Thread Reducer - 1/2" to 3/8"

A chrome reducer that goes from 1/2" BSP female to 3/8" BSP male thread. £4.25

Replacement telephone handset cradle

About: The Replacement Telephone Handset Cradle

A replacement cradle for bath shower mixer taps - holds traditional shower heads. £9.50



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